At CPNA, through our Professional Procurement & Purchasing service, we believe you should be satisfied with the quality, cost and timeliness of your FF&E products, therefore we offer our expertise in two distinctive areas.

1. Procurement: CPNA acts on behalf of the property as a purchasing agent and receives supplier cost prices and assists in making final purchasing decisions for a fee. All suppliers will invoice property directly.

2. Turn-Key: CPNA prepares a detailed quotation to the owners for all items specified or outlined in the design proposal. Once agreed by the owners, purchases all items from suppliers, co-ordinates delivery schedules, negotiates freight invoicing and then has all purchased goods delivered directly to the property.

Scope of Services: (Please note that certain aspects below are applicable for either procurement or Turn-key services and include coordinating all deliveries of FF&E)

Design Assistance / Determining the Requirements / Project Planning

  • Assists Owner & Designer (or use our in-house accredited designer) to determine suitability and performance requirements for design areas.
  • Preliminary specifications, plans and documents are reviewed for errors and omissions.
  • Develop installation plan to ensure conformity with other entities in completing the project according to schedule.

Budgeting and Financial Accountability

  • Preliminary budget developed by Owner, which is reviewed and revised once specifications are issued to ensure all conforms to final room counts.
  • After specifications are issued, CPNA will generate an itemized quotation to be discussed with owners for any changes or modifications for final quote approval.
  • Cash flow projection is prepared based on finalized quotation, purchasing schedule, anticipated deposit requirements and installation schedule.

Bids and Purchase Orders (Procurement)

  • Bid packages are prepared using Designer specifications. CPNA reduces specifications to generic terms, if possible, and solicits bids from qualified vendor. Received bids are then evaluated by CPNA and presented to the Owner with results and recommendations. CPNA works closely with Designers to offer alternates and recommendations to maintain design by not exceeding budget.
  • Vendors are notified, with as much lead-time as possible, to obtain the necessary credit information to open accounts on the Owner’s behalf, if necessary.
  • Purchase orders are prepared using selected suppliers/vendors, and then forwarded to Owner for final approval prior to placing the orders. Detailed instructions for commercial performance, delivery, and packaging are outlined on each purchase order, including vendor, item description, unit price, total price, terms, ship to address and ship date, as well as design control number and location within the project.
  • One-of-a-kind and buy-out items are evaluated in terms of overall characteristics and budget. Alternates or substitutions are suggested where appropriate.
  • Owner always makes the final decision.

Logistics & Installation Coordination / Project Management

  • Along with Owner, we prepare a schedule that allows for staged openings to meet any intermediate dates required by Contractor or operator. Owner will be provided with updated reports that track projection and shipping status of each item ordered.
  • CPNA monitors the progress of the job to ensure that all vendors are complying with the terms of the purchase orders, including shop drawings, finish samples and prototype submittals to the Designer or Contractor. Production progress monitored closely to ensure delivery dates are respected.
  • Freight arrangements are made and coordinated by CPNA, in consideration of both delivery schedule and cost. Consolidation of smaller shipments, when applicable, is coordinated. CPNA ensures that the best freight rates are in effect.
  • If required, CPNA schedules all items to job site or warehouse, and then determines, along with the Contractor or Owner, which goods should be tailgated to the project and which should be warehoused until site is ready to accept goods.

Payment Procedures and Project Recap (Procurement)

  • Upon receiving invoices from the manufacturer, CPNA verifies each invoice against the appropriate purchase order and receiving documentation to ensure all goods are specified correctly. A cheque request is then generated for the approved amount of the manufacturer’s invoice and both are forwarded to the Owner for payment. Upon receipt, the Owner issues a cheque for the designated amount.
  • At the end of the project, a final reconciled report is forwarded to the Owner indicating the itemized cost of all goods. In addition, all invoices, dates and amounts are included in this report.